Activities of the Chapter

Official Meeting of Members

img:2010-ralph_james_small.jpg Official election meeting, spring barbecue meeting and a meeting before Christmas are held regularly every year. Both official and informal discussion are held there.

Demonstrations of Physics on Schools

img:fdvr-1024px.png The largest project of the Chapter is called Demonstration of Physics experiments on schools. The members of the Chapter visit at least ten elementary or high schools every academic year and they present popular experiments to five or six classes every time, each of them having usually twenty five to thirty students. Therefore, we address from 1000 to 1500 students every year! Teachers on the schools also get to know that many physical topics may be taught in an enjoyable way.

We offer several kinds of programs depending on the age of audience. We are able to present experiments and topics interesting for wide range of students, e.g., for the third grade not having physics as a subject yet, as well as specialized scientific program for classes at the end of the high school studies. Discussion about university studies is also offered to the schools.

Best Paper Award

img:2016_01_13-pba-002.jpg To increase interest and motivation of students of optics and optics-related fields, the Chapter announced a contest of the best master student scientific paper. There were two categories: the best paper and the best poster. Whereas the best paper had to be published is some impacted scientific journal, the best poster had to be presented at a conference. In summary, we received almost twenty applications from which the nine-member committee consisting of students and professors selected two winners: Lukáš Beran (best paper) and Lukáš Ohnoutek (best poster). The price giving ceremony took place in the dean's office where the winners were rewarded with diplomas and financial rewards, 10000 CZK and 5000 CZK, respectively. The financial support came from OSA funding.

Projects for Students

Our members offer projects for bachelor students as well as topic of bachelor's and master's thesis. Please, contact us for list of offered topics.

Activities for Younger Students and Outdoor Seminar

img:2015_11_05-besidka-001.jpg Members of the Chapter participated on the annual five-day outdoor seminar. Several lectures about current research and hot optical topic were given by the members there. We also organized a social evening there in order to introduce activities of the Chapter to younger optical students and the membership was offered to them.

Other activiities

We organize hiking trips several times per year. They serve as team-building activities and we get to know interesting parts of the Czech Republic. Depending on preferences of our members, we sometime also go to theatres, play lasergames or meet during other activities. img:2015_10_24-kokorinsko_small-003.jpg