Members of the Chapter

You may be also interestein in the history of memberships or the history of officiers.

Prof. Jan Franc: Official website

Andrej Farkaš: President

At the moment I am a student in 3rd year of my Bachelor studies of Physics at Charles University. My specialisation is still shaping up, but spintronics is a promising field for me. I have become member of SPIE/OSA in 2017 and since then I was very active in popularization of Physics thru our programm Fyzika do vlastních rukou. Becoming a presidento fo our student chapter gives me a lot of new opportunities how to improove on our current model and make our activities more widespread. In my free time I enjoy creating small electronic gadgets and also I organise concerts in my hometown of Prešov, Slovakia.

Lukáš Beran: Treasurer

Tomáš Maleček: Secretary

I am in my third year of studies towards a bachelor's degree in General Mathematics and in a second year towards a bachelor's degree in General Physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University. In the laboratory I focus on magneto-optical properties of materials. My current research is about the magneto-optical properties of ultra thin LSMO samples. Only recently have I become a member of the SPIE/OSA and I would like to inspire other potential applicants to do so as well. In my free time I play board games and ball games.

Lukáš Nowak: Vice President

Dominika Tanglová: PR

Andrej Farkaš, Erik Hendrych, Jan Hrabovský, Zdenek Kaspar, Daniel Kral, Katarína Križanová, Marcel Lamač, Miroslav Martínek, Kamila Moriová, Martin Rejhon, Lukáš Šedivý, Miloslav Surynek, Patrik Švančara, Dominika Tanglová, Vojtěch Vozda, David Wagenknecht, Vladislav Wohlrath, Martin Zahradnik, Matyas Zetek, Martin Zukerstein