Demonstrations of Physics on Schools

About the Project

img:fdvr-1024px.png Photos from selected demonstrations are in the gallery.

The largest project of the Chapter is called Demonstration of Physics experiments on schools. The members of the Chapter visit at least ten elementary or high schools every academic year and they present popular experiments to five or six classes every time, each of them having usually twenty five to thirty students. Therefore, we address from 1000 to 1500 students every year! Teachers on the schools also get to know that many physical topics may be taught in an enjoyable way.

We offer several kinds of programs depending on the age of audience. We are able to present experiments and topics interesting for wide range of students, e.g., for the third grade not having physics as a subject yet, as well as specialized scientific program for classes at the end of the high school studies. Discussion about university studies is also offered to the schools.

With financial support of SPIE, we can afford to buy tools for demonstrations and experimental materials and we visit the schools for free. (Professional commercial groups offer similar program for several thousand Czech Crowns – hundreds of US Dollars). We have about ten schools on a waiting list all the time and we give priority to poorer regions of the Czech Republics where the schools do not have so many opportunities for excursions or similar extension of teaching.

In order to make our shows more professional, we had t-shirts with original design printed. The picture which is printed on the back of the t-shirts shows some of the most stunning experiments we do with students, more or less, of course.

We offer workshops and presentations for young as well as for older students. For more details about Demonstration of Physics on School project, please see the Czech version of this page.